About This Project

The Professional Performance, Innovation and Risk (PPIR)


Program is the result of almost a decade of development by a team of senior professional engineers. Its philosophy and processes are targeted at improving the performance of professional engineers and engineering teams, achieving improved productivity for businesses and employers, raising the professionalism of Australian engineers, and delivering a better perspective of the engineer’s role at tertiary education.


The PPIR Program also addresses the key issues within the engineering profession and industry of the management of risk and liability and the fostering of innovation.


Engineers have well-defined standards for ethics and competency, but what is missing is the “third leg of the stool”: a defined framework for performance, or how an engineer’s work is actually carried out and accomplished.


At the heart of the PPIR Program is a performance protocol to provide this framework.


The PPIR Protocol defines Performance as: “How the professional engineer approaches, arranges and undertakes a new task to ensure delivery of the final agreed outcome”.


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