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The risks associated with failed fire safety have been made clear by the Grenfell fire tragedy in London which caused the deaths of seventy-one residents and injured a further seventy. The Grenfell tragedy was believed to be exacerbated by combustible external cladding that enabled the fire to ascend rapidly unimpeded, despite the efforts of fire crews. This event triggered a public inquiry in the UK and multiple parallel reviews around the world, including Australia. While many inquiries are focused on products and appropriate cladding, The Warren Centre recognises that there is a much bigger issue to be considered that speaks to the core of fire safety engineering.


To date, The Warren Centre has released three reports as part of this series:


  • The Education report discusses the current status of education and training of fire safety engineers; as well as the competencies which are expected of a fire safety engineering professional.
  • The Regulation, Control and Accreditation Report
  • The Methods Report takes a closer look at international guidelines and methods currently used and consider where fundamental change is needed for Australia.

Download Report Three:

The Methods Report

Download Reports One and Two:

The Education Report & Regulation, Control and Accreditation Report
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Fire Safety Engineering

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