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How can innovation solve the world’s most pressing humanitarian issues? WE INTEND TO FIND OUT. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.

Join us as we launch two of Australia’s newest innovation events, in conjunction with RedR Australia and the University of Sydney. These annual events, including Australia’s first-ever Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon, encourage and reward university students to create cutting-edge solutions that could save lives and make a positive impact on people around the world.



Experiences that spark ideas and action

Innovation Lecture

The Warren Centre’s Innovation Lecture Series puts successful Australian innovators in the public spotlight, showcasing innovation across the engineering universe. We are privileged to present an exemplary selection of Australian achievers and to recognise great individual accomplishments in innovation.


Energy Forums

In this important event series, The Warren Centre brings together panels of industry, government and academia to discuss prevalent energy issues in Australia and around the world. Past forums have discussed hydrogen cars, smart energy, energy security, virtual power plants and other topics facing the future of energy.


Governors Program

The Governors Program is a unique opportunity for senior executives to gain exclusive insights into the macro issues affecting your organisation. From business in Asia to technology and global markets, the Governors Program provides expert insights from leading practitioners that will allow you to maintain a globally strategic outlook.


Humanitarian Innovation Hackathon

The demand for both humanitarian and development assistance is on the rise. With growing humanitarian needs and limited funding, innovative solutions are vital to assist the most vulnerable groups in new and efficient ways. The Warren Centre is excited to bring you The Professor Ron Johnston Humanitarian Innovation Awards.


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Design Matters: Engineering Design is Facing an Unconscious Bias Problem

When unconscious bias seeps into product design, it can lead to serious consequences. Every day, women feel the impact of unconscious bias. Some of these situations are so familiar, you might not even realise they are a result of unconscious bias.

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The cracking incident at the Sydney Opal Tower in December 2018 and the Neo200 fire at Spencer Street, Melbourne in February 2019 demonstrate serious failures of Fire Safety Engineering in Australia that must be addressed.

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The Quest to Engineer a Tasty Cow-Free Burger

Imagine biting into a juicy beef burger that was produced without killing a cow. To satisfy consumers who refuse to choose between a liveable planet and a juicy hamburger, scientists and engineers are attempting to efficiently grow convincing imitation meat in the lab using everything from volcano-dwelling microbes to stem cells.

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